Camp Alloway is 118 acres of boreal forest located on Big Whiteshell Lake in the Whiteshell Provincial Park. The operation of the reserve is done by dedicated Scouts Canada Volunteers under the auspices of Scouts Canada Manitoba Council. This setting provides Scouts Canada members an opportunity to camp and practice outdoor activity skills in a wilderness setting.

Camp Alloway is a great location for Troop, Company, or Crew weekend camps or summer canoe adventures. There are numerous water routes that could be initated from Camp Alloway location.

This camp has an excellent beach for swimming, and since it is located in a bay, provides an opportunity for developing paddling skills in a sheltered area. Access to Alloway is by water transportation, canoe or motor boat during the summer. During the winter hiking accross the lake is safe once the ice has frozen to sufficient thickness. A connection to the Mantario Trail exists and is quite grown in at this time.

Camp Alloway is a backcountry setting with no modern amentities, with four outhouses available, water is to be shipped in from the provincial campground, or pumped from the lake and treated appropriately. There are three campsites at the main site; Brownsea, Gilwell, and Mafeking. There are two cabins that sleep 8 in each. These are restricted and authorized only for sleeping. The Boat house is a large building available for use also. This building is not intended for sleeping, and ideal for gathering during inclement weather, indoor activities or storage of equipment.

Canoes are located at the main site and can be reserved through the site manager at The canoe rental includes canoes, paddles, and emergency kits. Users are responsible to supply personal flotaion devices (PFDs) or life jackets as this safety equipment needs to fit appropriately to be effective. Groups are responsible for damages to any of this equipment that leads to it becoming unusable.

Groups are responsible for their own boat transportation to the site. For boat rentals you may contact the Big Whiteshell Lodge at (204) 348-7623, Whiteshell Lake Resort at (204) 348-7627 or you may wish to contact places in Winnipeg. Two other buildings are located on the property and are not available for use, and recommended not to venture into these buildings due to safety and health reasons.